15 Unbelievably Luxurious Closets and Organizers


Gentleman’s Walk-in Closet

The gentleman’s walk-in closet and dressing area feature natural wood shelving and cabinetry with a medium custom stain applied by master skilled artisans. The closet organizers are perfect for storing your clothes and shoes.

Beautiful White Finished Wood Ladies Closet

This is a beautiful example of white finished wood cabinets and closet organizers that any woman with a massive shoe collection will love. The bulk of the shoe rack is for heels and other small shoes and then there is ample space to fit a lot of your taller shoes like boots. The cabinets can be used for organizing various items like jewelry and accessories.
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In Wall Jewelry and Accessories Organizer

This is the perfect addition for any closet for those that have a lot of jewelry and accessories. The shelves are perfect for storing your bracelets and earrings while the hooks will easily keep your necklaces and scarves neatly organized.[/nextpage][nextpage]

Guys Perfect Shoe Closet Organizer

When it comes to getting dressed up a man’s shoes has to be at the top of the list of must haves. Finding a place to keep all those shoes organized and looking good is not always easy. This closet organizer is perfect for the man that wants to keep his prize possession looking good. The sliding shoe racks will saves room and makes your closet neater.

Luxurious White Cabinets and Gold Accents Closet

This closet has it all with a beautiful white finish cabinets and gold accent hardware that is plenty for keeping your closet organized. There is plenty of space for a lot of purses in the built in spaces that can be displayed for easy access. The center island cabinets has enough space that will keep your jewelry and other accessories neatly organized.

White Cabinets With Glass Doors Closet Organizer

This is a marvelous closet that has a beautiful island of drawers that will keep all your small accessories organized and neat. The island is accented with a stunning marble top. Hat racks and a bust for draping necklaces compliment the ensemble. The rest of your clothes, shoes, purses, etc. can be nicely displayed inside the see-thru glass doors.

Shoe Lover’s Ultimate Closet

Need a little more or a lot more space in your closet for your shoes? This organizer gives plenty of room for many pairs of shoes but it doesn’t stop with just shoes because these built-in organizers can be used for clothes and towels as well. The beautiful white recessed panel cabinets and trim give this closet a clean modern look and spa like feel.

His and Hers Ultimate Dream Closet

Wall mounted white cabinetry surround this amazing closet from floor to ceiling with enough storage place to organized all your clothes, shoes, and other belongings. There is nothing this closet doesn’t have. There’s wall mounted built-in organizers, and drawers, and room to hang your suits and dresses and more.

Amazing Walk-In Closet With Boutique Feel

This space as you can see is truly a luxurious walk in closet with a boutique feel about it. The closet has plenty of volume with the vaulted ceiling and terrific lighting. The vanity area is not only beautiful but very functional as well. There is plenty of space to organize all your things in this magnificent walk in closet.


Rich Dark Wood Mediterranean Style Closet

This Mediterranean style walk-in closet is large enough to be a guest bedroom so there should not be much of a problem keeping your clothes and other things organized. The closet is an example of an elegant men’s closet with rich dark wood raised panel cabinets and medium tone hardwood floors.


Blissful Walk-in Closet

This gender neutral walk-in closet is one of my favorite because of the tranquil spa like feel from the natural light and the soft colors. There is plenty of space for moving around in the closet. There’s ample drawers on either side of the space for organizing a lot of clothes or storing jewelry and accessories. The additional shelving is also a great feature for that added space for organizing.


Walk In Closet With Rustic Cabinets

Beautiful country style closet designed with rustic style cabinets and drawers that lends plenty of space for organizing your belongings. The added shelves comes in handy for storing hats, towels, purses and other things.


Trendy Men’s Walk In Closet

To all the trendy guys out there this is the closet for you. This spacious walk-in closet has plenty of space to hang your shirts, pants, and suits. The sliding drawers leaves plenty of space for storing and organizing your jewelry and accessories.


Santa Fe Chic

This gorgeous closet is built with 24″ deep boxes that really showcase the beauty of this walk-in closet. Taller sections were installed for hanging longer jackets and coats while shorter sections can be used for hanging scarves and other similar items. Custom designed jewelry trays were added to keep your jewelry and accessories organized. Valet rods are mounted to help organize outfits and simplify packing for trips. A pair of antique benches makes the space inviting.


Charming Cherry Wood Closet

This cherry wood closet was designed to function as an in-home ’boutique’ where the homeowner can keep clothing and accessories organized and easy to find when preparing to go out. The lighting is on dimmer switches and turns on automatically when one enters the space. Cherry wood and frosted glass sliding doors don’t project out to interrupt the traffic flow in the space allowing for a serene atmosphere.