20 Must See Inviting Media Room Ideas

Media rooms and home theaters are an increasingly popular feature in homes. Two major benefits are that they boost a home’s entertainment value as well as its potential resale value. If you’re planning to install a media room in your home you’ll want to explore these media room design ideas to ensure you maximize the square footage you have to work with and provide a comfortable and entertaining space for family members and guests.

A media room, or home theater as it is sometimes referred to, is a space designed to reproduce the intensity of a cinema experience. These rooms are generally fitted with large flat screen televisions or projection screens, ample seating and soft lighting. Some media rooms are giant, enclosed spaces built for large groups of people while others are the size of a standard study or living room designed for a entertaining just a single family.

Whatever your goal is, these photos will give you plenty of ideas and help you decide what kind of media room best suits your taste and your home. 

Images via minimalisti