Birthday Cake Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys (16 Pictures)

Birthday Cake Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

Here is a collection of pictures that feature birthday cake ideas for 5 year old boys that you can use to give you inspiration and that creative juice to design an unforgettable birthday cake.

Five year old boys have quite a few interest that you can use to your advantage to help craft a really cool cake. Using your child’s favorite toys such as Legos is a great idea to use as part of the cake design.

Movie characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Buzz Light Year, Harry Potter and so on can also be used to as a great themes for not only a cake but for the birthday party as well. If your five year old like a particular game like Super Mario Bros. then try using that as part of the decoration.

A lot of 5 year old boys love race cars, tractors, airplanes and the likes so designing a cake based around those ideas is only fitting. Try to come up with ideas that fit the personality of your boy and you will find that coming up with birthday cake ideas for five year old boys won’t be that hard at all.

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