Birthday Cake Ideas for 7 Year Old Boys (15 Pictures)

Birthday Cake Ideas for 7 Year Old Boys

In this collection of birthday cake ideas for 7 year old boys you will find some very creative and inspiring birthday cakes to help you design that perfect cake. Decorating a cake for 7 year old boys is not very hard if you use a little of imagination.

You can get inspiration from a number of sources; first off you can use movies, whatever movies your seven year old enjoys can be use as a source of inspiration. Imagine decorating a cake to look like one of Gru’s minions.

Along the same line as movies you can use popular TV shows like Jake and the Pirates, Scooby Doo, or Handy Manny just to name a few shows. If your boy enjoys sports or other activities such as skateboarding or swimming you can incorporate those into your cake design too.

If you use a little creativity and base your ideas around the birthday boy’s personality you should not have a problem brainstorming birthday cake ideas for your seven year old boy.

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