Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys (20 Pictures)

Some people take their birthday party planning very serious to make sure that their family, love ones and friends have the best birthday party possible. Finding the perfect birthday cake is high on the list of things to plan for that special day.

Decorating a birthday cake for boys can be a challenge but with a little creativity and inspiration you can come up with some really cool ideas like the cakes showcased on this page. Boy’s birthday cake ideas need to be matched to the personality of the boy boy himself.

If he likes sports then a cake designed around a sports theme will do the trick. You can use equipment that is used in a particular sport such as a basketball or football. Another great idea is to design the theme around his favorite sports teams.

Another great boys birthday cake idea would be to model the cake around  movies like Toy Story, Frozen, Cars, or Despicable Me and others by including characters, settings or sayings from the movie. Using games like Angry Birds or Black Ops as inspiration is also a great idea.

If that special little boy in your life has favorite toys then go along those lines. You can use Lego, Tonka, John Deere, cars and rockets, race tracks… The ideas for birthday cakes are unlimited. Use the birthday cakes on this page to inspire you to come up with a really cool  birthday cake for that special boy or boys in your life.


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