34 Stunning Country Living Room Furniture Pictures

This is a collection of 34 stunning country living room furniture sets that can help inspire you to create your own country inspired living room that will help you transform your living room into a cozy retreat.

Country living rooms offer that kick off your shoes and stay awhile vibe where people can gather and relax.  Check out this amazing gallery of exquisite country living room furniture ideas to see how homeowners take inspiration from rural America and Europe to style a mix of country living room designs.

You can mix old and new, formal and casual, neutral and bold to make an inviting and comfortable space. A neutral-toned sofa and armchair introduce contemporary lines while custom draperies add a touch of tradition.

These country style living rooms combine rustic patinas, weathered antiques, salvaged goods, collectibles and other styles combined to create a unique country look and feel.

A nice country look does not have to just consist of the furniture. Use architectural details, like cedar ceiling beams that can help visually divide and define the room in an open space.

Creating that perfect little country nook can be a lot of fun so use some of the country living room furniture ideas showcased in the gallery that follows to help you create your own unique style and space.

34 Stunning County Living Room Furniture Ideas