Extravagant Dubai Resorts That Are Truly Amazing

Dubai has plenty to offer the holidaymaker. Beneath all the glitter and glam, there’s a Dubai which takes pride in its traditional values and rich heritage and welcomes you with immense warmth and hospitality.

From architectural wonders like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to stunning man-made islands like Palm Jumeirah and The World, there is loads to fascinate you in this city. There is a lot that you can do here as well, from adventure activities like hot-air ballooning, skydiving and desert safaris to shopping at state-of-the-art malls. In fact, the Dubai Shopping Festival (held in January – February) sees tour groups thronging the city for irresistible deals and bargains. Nightlife is another big attraction in Dubai. With a variety of restaurants, hookah bars, lounges and clubs, a night out in the town can be an exciting one.

When in Dubai, there are some experiences which just cannot be missed out on. While shopping at the Gold Souk and Dubai Mall is one, a desert safari in the sand dunes is another. Both these experiences are so fulfilling that you will forget everything else in the world while you’re at them.

The cuisine of Dubai is influenced by the flavours of the Middle East, especially Morocco and Lebanon and is perfectly suited for the Indian palate. Try some shawarma rolls, grilled chicken on skewers or a Mezze platter. With something for everyone, Dubai is a great cosmopolitan holiday/vacation destination.

What hotel or resort will be your choice? There are definitely a lot to choose from. Be ready to fall in love with the extravagant resorts in these photos which will either make your decision harder or easier…. you be the judge!