Fearless Tigers In Their Natural Environments

Tigers are a symbol of all that is splendid, mystical and powerful about nature. The loss of tigers would inevitably mean the loss of cultural and spiritual values that connect humans to the wild world. There is a wealth of legend and lore connected with the tiger in Asian cultures.The tiger is the most written about animal in Asia, yet despite all of the articles about the species we are still left with missing pieces about its life in the wild.

Tigers are extremely territorial which means they will fight other animals and other tigers that invade their space. Tigers tend to live on their own, depending on themselves for survival. They will only be seen with other tigers when they are looking for a mate or in the case of females when they are taking care of their offspring. The males have more personal territory than females when it comes to their natural habitat. It is natural for the females to have territories that overlap that of males. This is more acceptable than if another male tries to invade that same type of space.

In order for any type of habitat to be able to successfully offer what a tiger needs to survive, there are a few things that must be in place. The area must offer some type of covering that allows the tigers to blend into the surroundings quite well. They also need to have plenty of water to access. The last thing they need is plenty of prey to choose from. 

Have a look at this gallery of such beast, and enjoy the true beauty of this fearless animal in its natural habitat.