7 Fishnet Décor Ideas to Catch Some Style in Your Decorating


Pendant Lights

red interiors

These pendant lights are repurposed from old fish traps that creates a powerful way to bring the concept to light. Here, the mixture of rustic fishnet pendants, room-dividing wood pilings and a glam tufted sofa fill the space with an eclectic magic and coastal-chic vibe.[/nextpage][nextpage]

Tears of the Fisherman Chandelier

Quartzite Bathroom Project

The Tears of the Fisherman chandelier design was conceived more than 35 years ago on a visit to Venice, Italy, when Maurer spotted a fishing net glistening with thousands of water droplets in the morning sun. When suspended above a bathtub or dining table, the showpiece dazzles with hundreds of crystals casting a glittering ocean scene across every surface.[/nextpage][nextpage]

Window Draping

Luxe Penthouse

Nobody should be surprised to see that some clever designer found a way to make the fishing net work in an urbane, modern penthouse, but still, the sight inspires a breath of fresh air. And if ever there was a logical venue to try it out.[/nextpage][nextpage]

Drapery Accessories

Even as an aficionado of custom window treatments, I’ll admit it: Drapery hardware is just one of those things that hurts to spend money on. The good news is, capping a thoughtfully designed drape with the perfect hardware can be as economical and easy as laying a fishing net across two wall brackets.


Artfully Clever

In this age of upcycling and DIY, virtually anything can be considered art as long as it’s artfully selected and arranged. For example, the large fish trap above the fireplace serves as a symbol of its hometown’s roots as a fishing village.


The Fisherman’s Canopy

Juvignac (34)
Part of what makes this fishnet derivative such an intriguing canopy design is its ability to filter and cast sunlight into a pattern on the deck, much like a trellis. Since this project was constructed with a thicker, stronger material than simple fisherman’s twine, it’s more functional and provides more shade than actual netting would, but the visual effect is the same.



Family Coastal Cottage Renovation
Such a thin and flexible material used as a railing might strike fear in the hearts of acrophobes, but for someone with a slightly adventurous spirit and a gravitational pull toward the ocean, it may just be the perfect way to separate a sleeping loft from the household below.