Wedding Bouquet Ideas (12 Pics)

Your wedding bouquet is the cornerstone of your wedding dress. Regardless of the time of year you get married there is a bouquet that will compliment your dress on your special day. Some of you may not realize that there are various wedding bouquet designs that you can pick to help compliment a certain style of wedding dress that can take you from beautiful to spectacular.

To flatter a taller bride, or for the bride who wishes to look taller, a cascading arrangement is what you should get.  A round bouquet, occasionally called a nosegay, can be ideal for a formal event, but works just as well in a more relaxed situation.

Because of the shape and general location of the bouquet, a round bouquet can make a brides hips look larger. For brides with a petite body and slim figures, a round bouquet is ideal since the body lines will be in balance.

The use of a bouquet for weddings date back as far as weddings themselves. While it’s clear that the flowers are a representation of fertility, the beginning of the wedding bouquet and the custom of tossing the bouquet (thereby handing over that fertility) to a different available young lady aren’t as clear.

It’s enough to say that the wedding bouquet is nowadays a time honored ritual that is seen in most weddings these days. Formerly just a small and simple assembly of flowers, the wedding bouquet has progressed over time to the point where hundreds of dollars are now paid out on attractively designed and arranged elaborate wedding bouquets.

A lot of women nowadays will typically have a couple of bouquets.The more elaborate one is used for the bride to carry down the aisle in the ceremony as well as taking pictures. The other one which is usually smaller is the one that gets tossed into the crowd of single women to scramble for.

Wedding bouquets are now made up of a diversity of bouquet designs which include arrangements of roses, lilies, and sweet pea or conventional roses and white lilies.Sunflowers have also been known to be used in modern wedding bouquets.